Cash out your stablecoins into
🇨🇴 Pesos

Send USDC to a wallet, then instantly pickup cash in your local currency at one of 350,000+ MoneyGram® locations in 184 countries. Or receive via bank transfer in select countries.

  • Cash Pickup
  • 0.00 MXN
  • 1 USD = undefined MXN
  • 100.00 MXN

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Thousands of people rely on Decaf

We're using blockchain technology to solve real-world problems — helping people get paid, send remittances, travel internationally, and support their families.

How It Works

Turning USDC into local currency has never been faster, cheaper, or easier...


Choose a method

Select how you would like to receive payment, and fill out your personal details.

Cash pickup
Visit one of 350,000+ MoneyGram® locations with an ID and reference number.
Bank transfer
Money is deposited into a local bank account (only available in Mexico & Peru).

Accept the quote

We'll tell you exactly how much you'll receive in your local currency.

  • Method
    Cash pickup
  • Country
    🇲🇽 Mexico
  • Amount
    100 USDC
  • Exchange rate
    1 USDC = 17.4547
  • Total cash out
    1,747.47 MXN
  • Accept quote


Send the agreed amount of USDC to the provided Solana or Stellar wallet.

Blurred QR Code
Wallet Address

We process your transaction

Once the USDC is received, we will exchange it for local currency.

Cash is ready for pickup!

Present the following reference code at your nearest MoneyGram location, along with your ID.

MoneyGram reference code

Pick up cash or receive bank transfer

You can pick up cash within minutes at your nearest MoneyGram location. Bank transfers arrive by next business day.

...or try our mobile wallet!

Hold USDC in our non-custodial mobile wallet, and cash out on-the-go in over 184 countries around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Try it for yourself

Test us with a small transaction — or withdraw up to 2,500 USDC at a time!

  • Cash Pickup
  • 0.00 MXN
  • 1 USD = undefined MXN
  • 100.00 MXN